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company of adventurers

-north of where you are-

Company of Adventurers is an outdoor apparel company that was launching in Canada. To differentiate it from its competitors we created branded and created a logo identity set to represent their strong Canadian heritage as well as their brand attitude and mindset of going to a tougher/higher place. The respective logos were made into patches are sewn onto the sleeves of their apparel. The variation of logos differentiate the various clothing lines that the brand offer.

-Brand Identity & logos-


Applied Arts

Logo’s in order of appearance: Winter Outdoor line logo, Heritage line logo, Main identity logo , Urban line logo, Summer Outdoor line logo


-product tags-

Product tags were printed with the Company of Adventurers history on the inside explaining the origins of the brand.


Art Director: Anand Iyer

Jr. Copywriter: Zack Vitiello

CCO & Copywriter: Brett Channer


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