company of adventurers

-north of where you are-

Company of Adventurers is an outdoor apparel company. A logo identity set was created for the Company of Adventurers to represent their strong Canadian heritage as well as their brand attitude and mindset of going to a tougher/higher place. The respective logos were made into patches are sewn onto the sleeves of their apparel. The variation of logos differentiate the various clothing lines that the brand offer.

The logos were awarded at: Applied Arts

Art Directors & Copywriter: Anand Iyer, Zack Vitiello & Brett Channer

CCO: Brett Channer

-Brand Identity & logos-

Logo’s in order of appearance: Winter Outdoor line logo, Heritage line logo, Main identity logo , Urban line logo, Summer Outdoor line logo


-product tags-

Product tags were printed with the Company of Adventurers history on the inside explaining the origins of the brand.