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Royal Ontario museum


The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) had already been struggling for relevancy. Its perception was outdated. Numbers were down. Then the pandemic hit. The museum was forced to close for over 12 months under one of the longest and most strict lockdowns in the world. To keep the ROM relevant, we found a crucial point-of-view overlooked by the COVID-19 narrative: kids. Then we gave them a platform to share their experience of living through this time in history. And when the ROM reopened its doors the #MyPandemicStory exhibition launched, putting our young artists in the spotlight, and bringing people back to the museum in droves.


ADCC, The Sabre awards

-Case study-



Associate Creative Director & Art Director: Anand Iyer

Associate Creative Director & Copywriter: Domenique Raso

Associate Creative Director: Dylan Wagman

Associate Creative Director: James Leake

Art Director: Nina Hang

Copywriter: Megan Radisa

CCO: Jordan Doucette

CCO: Dave Federico

CCO: Josh Budd

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