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Unbranded Prostate Cancer Awareness for Janssen

-the crucial rehearsal-

Men who’ve just been diagnosed with prostate cancer are often terrified and don’t know where to start when it comes to next steps. And in turn, they often go into their appointment with their oncologist's very unprepared and oftentimes end up getting the wrong treatment prescribed to them for their life needs. Because of this, research shows that men don’t feel empowered and proactive when it comes to discussing their treatment. 

So we launched an initiative that empowered men to take charge of their own health called The Crucial Rehearsal. To emphasize the importance of being prepared before their oncologist visit, gave men diagnosed with prostate cancer a very personalized ‘script’ tailored for their life. They could use this ‘script’ to rehearse before their appointment with the oncologist so that they can get the right treatment prescribed to them.

-film - "the crucial rehearsal"-

Associate Creative Director & Art Director: Anand Iyer

Copywriter: Jason Perdue

Senior Designer: Jennifer LaPerle


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